For some time now, our Soul Mate Orgánica packaged in half-kilo packets has been available in brand new packaging – paper, convenient and, above all, eco-friendly doypacks!

The time for change has come, but one thing remains the same – our concern for the environment. We have recently replaced the old paper packs holding a full-size portion of 500 grams of dried product with brand new doypacks. Just like the old packaging, the doypacks are made of biodegradable material, but in addition they have been fitted with a convenient zip fastener, which makes it easier to store yerba mate, and the dried product retains its aroma and flavour for longer. 


Do you want to experience the true power of the yerba mate in an all-natural edition? Soul Mate is the best choice! We encourage you to take a look at our brand offer. Yerba mate with aromatic herbs, a refreshing, mint and lemon mix, mate tea with stimulating guarana, or maybe just dry leaves, without any additives? There is certainly something for everyone!