The flavor variations of Soul Mate Organica do not contain any aromas and consist only of natural ingredients. The wonderful, balanced character of our mate tea is the result of perfectly selected herbs and fruits straight from our trusted suppliers. Why is it important? Find out!

Soul Mate – organic mate tea from the heart of South America

South America is a continent with a fascinating culture and pure, unspoiled natural wealth, symbolized by, among others, yerba mate. That’s why we’ve made it our priority to create not only tasty, but also completely natural yerba mate tea distinguished by the highest quality. We quickly understood that our high expectations can only be met by a product from organic farming.

yerba mate soul mate plantacja

The holly we use to produce Soul Mate Organica is grown in a diverse ecosystem

What is organic yerba mate?

The ecological certification system is international, and the conditions for obtaining it – although strict – are clearly defined and identical for everyone. The Brazilian producer of Soul Mate Organica had met most of the requirements long before applying for the certificate. This is due to the intimate nature of its plantations and perfect natural conditions; being “eco-friendly” in this case did not involve increased costs. For many years, the company has been focusing on soil fertilization through the diversification of crops and the use of natural, organic fertilizers. Pesticides or genetically modified plants have never been introduced to the ecosystem of the plantation. Periodic inspections have never revealed any derogations. That is why we can honestly say that Soul Mate Organica is a top-quality product that meets even the most stringent standards!

The herbal and fruit variations of Soul Mate Orgánica. 100% organic mate tea without flavourings!

The herbal and fruit flavors of Soul Mate Orgánica have recently appeared in the brand’s offer. Developing recipes was quite a challenge. As you know, an organic product should contain at least 95% ingredients of organic origin. This means that in addition to yerba mate itself, we had to obtain certified additives. At the outset, we rejected the idea of ​​using aromas. Although organic products can theoretically contain them, we wanted to obtain interesting flavors without them. This is confirmed by the labels of our products. Soul Mate Anís contains only two organic ingredients: yerba mate and anise. The situation is similar with Soul Mate Guayusa, to which we add certified ilex guayusa straight from Ecuador. The most interesting, however, in terms of additions, is undoubtedly Soul Mate Siempre. It contains chamomile, anise, fennel and boldo and only the last of the additives comes from conventional crops! As you read these words, perhaps Soul Mate Energy and Soul Mate Menta Limón are already available. In their case, we plan to use oils. However, these are created in a much closer to nature than aromas and do not contain carriers in the form of glycols and alcohols. Selected in the right proportions, they perfectly complement the taste of fruit and herbs!

zbiory yerba mate soul mate

Harvesting is done in the traditional way

If you are looking for a high quality natural product, Soul Mate Orgánica will be the best possible choice. It is a yerba created with true passion by Brazilian masters of the mathist trade. We have no doubt that you will like its authentic, fresh taste and energy potential. No wonder that the brand is gaining new fans in different parts of the globe. After all, the positive trend of choosing proven, organic products has already embraced almost the whole world!

yerba mate soul mate w workach

Yerba mate leaves after harvesting