Soul Mate - eco-certified brazilian yerba mate tea 

Wake up your body and soul the organic way!

100% Organic

Soul Mate is a certified organic product made in accordance with environment-friendly methods in a traditional agroecological way.


Contrary to most of products available on the market, Soul Mate is produced using special smoke-free air drying system. It provides our mate with an exceptional mild taste and a delicate aroma.

Highly energizing

Loaded with natural caffeine to make you fresh & full of energy any time you need it

Soul Mate is more than just organic mate tea. It comes from the best Brazilian plantations operated by people for whom yerba mate is not just a drink, but also a part of their cultural identity.​


Soul Mate does not contain artificial essences! The balanced character of our yerba is the result of perfectly selected herbs and fruits straight from our trusted suppliers.


Soul Mate Orgánica Elaborada

100% organic certified mate tea composed of air-dried leaves and stems. Smooth in taste and lots of natural caffeine. Grown on ecological plantation located in southern Brazil

Soul Mate Orgánica Despalada

Organic certified & air-dried yerba mate tea. Just like the classic one but stem-free to make it even more energizing!

Soul Mate Orgánica Siempre

Ethereal composition of organic yerba mate and herbs like boldo, chamomile and fennel. Provides metabolism stimulation & supports weight loss.

Soul Mate Orgánica Menta Limón

Invigorate your body with the wild freshness of mate tea, lime and mint. Perfect both in hot and cold form!

Soul Mate Orgánica Guayusa

Yerba mate & guayusa, two South American plants known for their high caffeine content in a revolutionary organic fusion for those who need the extra strong energy boost!

Soul Mate Orgánica Anís

Distinct depth and slight sweetness of anise mixed with genuine Brazilian yerba mate! Sublime source of energy any time you need it!

Soul Mate Orgánica Energia

Twice the power of traditional mate tea. Yerba mate mixed with guarana fruit is the ultimate source of natural caffeine!

From the world of Soul Mate

Soul Mate Orgánica in a fresh format! New, convenient and eco-friendly doypacks

For some time now, our Soul Mate Orgánica packaged in half-kilo packets has been available in brand new packaging – paper, convenient and, above all, eco-friendly doypacks! The time for change has come, but one thing remains the same – our concern for the environment. We have recently replaced the old paper packs holding a…

Soul Mate – 100% organic yerba mate without flavours!

The flavor variations of Soul Mate Organica do not contain any aromas and consist only of natural ingredients. The wonderful, balanced character of our mate tea is the result of perfectly selected herbs and fruits straight from our trusted suppliers. Why is it important? Find out! Soul Mate – organic mate tea from the heart…

Soul Mate Orgánica Siempre on sale now!

The Soul Mate brand has been expanded by another yerba mate, Soul Mate Orgánica Siempre. In addition to the highest quality organic yerba mate, the composition contains a number of aromatic herbal additives of organic origin. It includes anise, chamomile, fennel and boldo. Wanna try it? Visit our partners’ online stores: (retail) and…